Pattaya – In love with an Bargirl (Part 1)

Pattaya – In love with an Bargirl (Part 1)

Hello everyone. My Name is Ricky , i am 59 years old and i live in the Netherlands. I visited Pattaya since 3 Years ago. Last Holiday I’ve visitd a Lady, her name is Nok, she is 29 years old and was working in a Bar in south Pattaya. After we have met sometime and i Barfine her many time, we got relationship as a couple .


Since that day she stopped work in her Bar. We were spending three weeks together, she went back to her home in Isaan. She promised me to stay there , then I would support her. I trusted her so i didn’t worry anything. We were skyping everyday, chatting in Whatsapp and everything. I have send her every month money, about 9.000 Baht. After some weeks she started to ask for more and more.


She told me a lot of storyies why she needed so much more money now. i believed her and send more. than she were not asking for more many weeks. but another thing was happened. She started to not replying my massage in the evening and night time, and not writting in the morning too. she always said like no connection or money phone was finished.



Firstly i believed her but day by day I’ve lose my trust… it hurted myself inside and i want to know what was exactly happend…

Part two is coming soon…

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