Don’t judge a Bargirl by Eyes (Pattaya Lovestory) PART 2

Part 2 – Don’t judge a Bargirl by Eyes Part 2

That was the last time i see, talk, hug him. I knew it in my heart already that will be like this. I was crying alot everyday. I’m pregnant and farang left me alone. My friends from bar came to visit me. They are so nice to me. And they asked me to go out, sit at bar have fun with them, don’t drink just for not loney at room.

A night i decided myself to go old bar i was working, my boss huged me and said welcome. I felt like home, i sit there helped them work , but not go out with farang I’m honestly to say I’m pregnant and farang leave me for a joke to another farang at bar but inside it’s hurt. Second night i went to bar again … But have a farang looking at me all time. And i said to him “ my face ok „? He siad yes ok beautiful..

And we laughed and i said thank you. I felt so good, he wanted give me a drink but i said no i couldn’t drink because I’m pregnant. He said yes he knew it …why not take some juice he said. I looked at him and smile.

He is from Finland, 55 years old. Pumpui and very kindness. He asked to go eat lunch with him. I siad yes can. We meet each other at Central Pattaya Beach. We go eat Janpanes food because i liked it. He said he liked it too. That was a great moment of him and me. We spent 10 days more together and he asked me to take care me and kid.

He will marry me, he fell inlove with me. I said thank you to him i will love him time by time. Thank you everything to let me see him. Thank you mistake. He take care me everything from that day till now a day, we have our own kid now we had 2 kids. I’m so a lucky woman who have a man like him. Please farang don’t judge us. But yes Some good, some bad, some have no choice. Good luck guys.

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