I truly love 2 Thai Girls can’t choice one (Pattaya Lovestory) Part 2

At hotel room we talked, drink, smoke and end up with have very good sex. I woke up and saw her. I smiled alot so happy inside. Not so long she woke up gave me kiss , and siad she wanted to back her room for shower. So i gave her money 4000 bath. She siad that was too much, but i said that was ok i wanted to give her. She smiled and kissed me. Then i sit on bed think back everything how should i do if my gf know. But think more i still have one more night in pattaya alone.

One more night, i went to her at bar and ask her for bar-fine again. I told het straight that i really liked her. I want to spend time with her more but can’t because my gf will come tomorrow but i will find away to come to see her. She cried abit and said that she liked me also.After that night finished my gf came to pattaya. I’m happy to see her again. She is very nice inside my heart felt very sorry. I spend time together, sometime i go out alone to take a drink with Ning, another my girl name. She went to open room for short time like 3 hrs. I did it like that as much as i can till i come back Denmark. And my gf still doesn’t know anything.

I will go back to Thailand again soon
How should i do?? My gf, she is the one i love the most, plan to spent the rest of my life with… And another girl is very lovely i liked her so much like can’t live without to see her again. I won’t hurt anyone really. I know i have to choice one. And i aslo don’t want myself get hurt. If it’s possible to have 2 girls in one time, Do you think it will work? I have enough to take care for 2 girls, I’m not rich but possible. Should i tell my gf and deal with her? I won’t lose anyone. Please give me your idea. Because not over 4-5 months i will go back to Thailand again and live there about 6 weeks. How should i handle all.



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