Thailand – How to Spot a Ladyboy? My Story

How to Spot a Ladyboy? My Story

Hello Guys,

My Name is Dennis, 22 and I came from Germany, just got back from first holiday in Pattaya two days ago.

And i still had one question in my mind, how to spot a ladyboy?

One Night I have walked through the Beach Road , after some minutes nearly Soi 8, some „Girl“ started talking with me. She is kind of tall woman, i guess 176 cm. Her hair is dark, nice shape, same the most beautiful girl in Pattaya and Thailand hehe but her voice was a little bit more big but not look like a man at all.

Her was offering a good deal with me, well we drove to my hotel. After i showered i went to the bed. we talked, kissed, and than i touched „it“ . Oh my god, at that moment i relalized what was happening here. I was so shocked and told her to leave please. She laughed and said „Why don’t you try me once babe!!, it’s nice“. But i really did not want to have sex with „Shemale“. Then I paid her for a short time without sex, she left.


So from the moment i started to be more careful. Some Ladyboy were easy to spot, because of their face are more like a man. Anything else of points to spot Ladyboy? Please advice me for my next trip.

Greets Dennis