Pratumnak Hill & Million Years Stone Park and Crododile Farm

Pratumnak Hill

IMG_2076The located approximately between Pattaya and Jomtien, one can see and enjoy the amazing views of “Pattaya City“ from here.

An upstairs of the hill is Khao Phraya temple and its giant Buddha stature, as known as “Big Buddha Hill“which is said to protect the people in Pattaya.

There is also a smaller temple, Wat Thappaya, on the hill, near the Naval Broadcasting Radio Station.




Million Years Stone Park and Crododile Farm

srirachatigerzooIt takes time only 15 minutes drive from Pattaya, it is covering 40 acres. It is mention that this facility took 20 years of continuous effort to create. It is importantly a garden and zoo, and features animal shows.