Pattaya – My future husband turn to Gay!!!!

My future husband turn to Gay!!!!

First of all, my farang boyfriend. He is very good. He is responsible for everything. Never let me down for 4 years. We are getting married next month, but last night he came to ask me one ( so seriously) that after we get married If he could have sex with Lady Boy one a month ? If it is ok for me ?


He told me he liked having sex with a lady boy and He did it before. He didn’t fu*k lady boy at all but he liked to get fu*k by them. He also said that.


It’s just a sexual orientation and he wants his future wife to receive it.


But I can not accept it , also I do not want to lose him. My heart breaks I do not know what to do next. I think he would be gay in the future but he may not know himself. Please give me advice or power message !!!