Pattaya Ladys and customers from Arab Countrys

Good afternoon everyone. My name is Franco and i live and work in Spain. I stay in Thailand (Pattaya) right now and i’m a little bit suprised. I spend the last five days only at the Walking Street in South Pattaya. I saw a lot of People there, Chinese or Russians and Indians. And some Arabs too.



Maybe at 2am in the morning before yesterday four or five arab look men sitting with two girls in a small bar. One of them start to kiss her and the other ones tried to kiss her too. She don’t want it and told them to stop it. After she talk more louder the Arabs start to be aggressiv and screaming to the Lady. She and the other Lady screaming around too till the Stuff from the Bar come and kicked the Arabs out of the Bar.



Outside they still screaming around over 10 Minutes. Some of them made phonecalls. I looks like they waiting for the Ladys. But at the end nothing was happend. I don’t understand why young Lady go with crazy men like this…

What are your experience? In Spain i got two very good Lebanese Friends but in Pattaya it is different i feel.

Thank you Franco