Pattaya – In love with an Bargirl (Part 2)

Here is the Part 2

The Story of Ricky and the Bargirl

So i was checked a flight online and booked it from amsterdam to bangkok in one week. I did not tell her my plan. And my plan were went to pattaya first and checked her at old bar. I believed that she worked there and not in Isan as he promised me.


Finally I reached Bangkok, my flight was so easy and relax, I was taking a taxi to Pattaya straight. Then 90 minutes later i got in Pattaya. Well, I checked in at the Holiday Inn Hotel, one hour later, it was around 20 pm, I took a Motorbike taxi to her bar. In my thought i hoped she was not there. But what I have seen? . She was making a party, wearing sexy clothes and dancing around with her friends. I was so dying inside, at the moment she did not see me yet and i was not sure to show her up that I was there in that situation.



I decided to go back to my room and tried to write her on facebook. I have asked where was she and she still said she was in Isan .After the conversation she felt that i already know that she was in pattaya. Then, she tried to call me through Facebook and asked where I was. And I told her I went to check her already at bar and I saw her.


Then she started to cry and said sorry and told me many storys about family and sad stuff. I was talking with her over 1 hour. She apologized many times and it sounded like she had reasons to come back to pattaya. And then I realized to understand her. she asked me to see her tonight? Only about 5 minutes i have agreed for that

The final Part coming next week