Pattaya – In love with a Bargirl (Part 3) THE FINAL!

Here is the Part 3 – Final Part – Or not?

The Story of Ricky and the Bargirl

We’ve met at the Restaurant nearly the Beach Road. She started to cry when she saw me and huged me so tight. she said sorry 100 times and more.

She told me that she needed money for helping her family more. She said she just wanted to help the bar only in cash ihr position. But she was not go with any foreingers.

She seemed nervous and fear to tell me, because she thought I would not love her anymore.

After we talked one hour, i couldn’t be angry her anymore. After that she went back to the Bar and quited her job there. the last week of the holiday she spent time only with me.

We visited koh chang and koh samed for relaxing, it was very happy time for her and I.


I dealed with her – when i went back to Netherlands, i wanted she go back to Isan 100 %. I will support much as must she wants.

But i wanted to see every some days pictures or like that or skype with her to check that she is really in Isan . I’ve trusted her but also controll is better sometimes.


Till now she is still in Isaan and everythings seemed to be okay. I hope in the future too.

Thank you all for your attention.

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