Pattaya – I’m in love with a Soi 6 Girl

Sorry for my bad english, i was born 1970 in Belgium, so i not really learn so much in School. Last Year i was first Time in Pattaya and make 2 Weeks holiday. A friend showed me the famous Soi 6 for „Party“… After three Days of party i meet a 22 years old girl.

She work in some of the bars there. After some minutes i know we got the some kind of fun, perfect!


She was all the time really nice me and take care me. She was my Longtime Girl for the last days of my Holiday. I lose my heart to her. She is perfect. I told her that i wanna meet her again, she said she want too and loves me. Wow i thought, thats it. Three Month later i flight again to Pattaya. But this time my feelings was different about where she work. I realize what the Soi 6 really is and want she finish there. Forever. I saw other man talking to her, give her drinks. I dont like that.

She respectet my wishes and stop working there. Now she work in a Hotel at Soi Lengkee. I am proud of her and want take her go to Belgium at the End of the Year. What i try to say, not all the Girls are the same!

Thank you, Harry