Pattaya – How i live in Pattaya with 600€ per Month!

First i want to say sorry for my english. My Name is Pitt from Denmark. I am 58 years old and live in Pattaya since three Years. I see many Thai Farang Newspaper who talk about how much money people need to survive in Pattaya. All talk about 1500€ every Month. About 60.000 Thai Baht.

Sure need Insurence everything. I have all, at the end i still have 600€. And i live very good with that. My room is a little bit more outside and i pay 2.100 Baht per Month. Simple room with fan and small kitchen. That’s enough. Now i still have 500 € for go out, eat, clothes, up to me. So not trust all that people who say you need 100.000 Baht or like that.



Everything is possible if you just want! This life is not made for everyone, i understand, and if have some kind of risk too… Think about it clearly!

Thanks, Pitt