Pattaya – Bar Girls and customers from India

Hello People, Pattaya and Thailand Fans. My Name is Mario, i am from Italy, Roma. I visit Thailand now over 20 Years, and i still love it. My favorite city is still Pattaya. But Pattaya changed a lot the last ten Years. Some weeks ago i walk through the Walking Street to my favorite Agogo. Before i saw a Beer Bar in a big Bar Complex.



At one of the Bar i saw 10 India Men standing around and talking to two Ladys. I was interestring and sitting down there too. I saw that only one one of the India Man got something to drink. One Coke! The other just standing behind him and talking, the Man with the Coke „deal“ with the Ladys. I hear many times word like „price“ or „how long…“… I feel very ashamed while i saw this. They not give any drink to the Ladys and they lose a lot of time for talking to them. At the end they pay 80 Baht for the Coke and going – without a Lady.


Sorry but i really don’t know what they are thinking where they are? So respectless some of them… I have some good India Friend in Bangkok, they are so different as the one in Pattaya! I know they are not all like this. But i wish that everyone showing a little bit more respect to eachother.

Grazie, Mario