Pattaya – A Drunk Farang peeing out of Baht-Bus (VIDEO)


At 18:30 PM of June 10, a young Farang, Wearing a gray T-shirt, jeans stands stairs at Bath Bus.












A Young farang was standing up to the bath bus pulled out of the penis. Then pee on the road while driving. The driveway is located on Pattaya 3rd Road heading to South Pattaya Road until the red light. When the farang turned and saw that Thai man was shooting a video. The farang was raising his hands as want to apologize.



The clip has already been posted on Facebook publicly by Thai man. And Pattaya people are dissatisfied with what was going on, they have come comments below the clip with harsh words for the actions that farang had done.
On 10 June 58, the reporter said that many people in Pattaya have come out denouncing to the actions of the farang who exhibit the bad behavior was unacceptable in Thailand. And many people deposited to the authorities concerned for tracking this farang come to prosecute or warning



Here is the Video