Once Upon a Time in Pattaya – My Bar and my Wife

Pattaya – First i wanna say sorry for my bad english. My Name is Toni, i am from Italy/Rom. I go to Thailand since 1993. Since 10 years i visit every 4 Month Pattaya. 9 Years ago i opend a Bar in Pattaya with my Thai Wife (at that time). I think everyone knowing the Bars in front of Pattaya Beer Garden.


We got a small bar there. The first month the buisness was ok, we can life in a good apartment with that money. But after the buisness broke in and not so good anymore, i got problem with my wife. She always want more and more money, but how can i get more if my or our buisness not work good? After three Month with that „problem“ she leave me and sell the Bar. At the End i was alone in Pattaya with no money and no girls. It was not easy to stay some Week without Money to go back to Italy. Friends and Family help me.


What i try to tell you is – always be careful if you want make buisness in pattaya. Most of the things you buy there is not your own 100%. Sure other Couples had more luck than me , and normaly it is everything okay. But i not got so much luck… Whatever i still love Thailand and the Thai Ladys and i will come back as long as it possible.


Thank you for reading Greetings Toni