If you are gay or just like Boys, here is what you should know about Pattaya Gay.


–Pattaya is a source of great support for gays. You guys do not miss to try to feel it on your own. Whether you are handsome gay, fat or look unpretty.

Don’t you worry about it because Pattaya always welcomes any kind of gay. The gay in Pattaya city, they are very tolerant, friendly for gay travelers. You wi ll get warm like you’re second home and of course several fun stuffs there.
 Show Guys Pattaya

–As you can meet gay everywhere in Pattaya, It is not just in Pubs. For now gays are everywhere, whether as a receptionist in a hotel, works as a served, some having work in general job etc.,. But if you’re a gay alike, you will always know they are the same. Because when they start to make eye contact with you, their eyes are very sweet.

–Pattaya is a joy of making people happy. And show people how anyone can come and find happiness from here. One of important thing of gay livelihood area is not so care about money in your pocket. So, there is virtually no discrimination against of the gay visitor. But in the fact sometime you will be treated base on your money as well.

–Here is some more detail information popular place to visit for gay people looking for fun. I wBoys town Pattayaould like to recommend about popular gay pubs in Pattaya City, located in Soi Pattaya Land 2 (Soi 13/4) is very popular gay pubs and beer bars, a go-go’s gay or homosexual. There are also Western-style restaurants to choose, it is not far away from the street just a few hundred meters away.


–Admitted that Pattaya is a great destination for the gay travelers – but here are some things that you have to be careful:

– Prostitution is illegal in Thailand

– whether your partner is willing or consent a nap with you. You should be aware that, in technically at least the prostitution is illegal in Thailand still. Also, you should be aware of the property and value, it would be very dangerous. Because, you are still do not know about your partner well enough. Especially in a time overnight, however, they are a stranger.

–Moreover serious and strictly monitored are the laws on the age of consent. DO NOT has any form of sexual relations with any Thai person under the age of eighteen. You could find yourself in a Thai jail for ten years up if you do.

–You should realize about HIV rates are very high amongst commercial male sex workers in Pattaya. Always play safe and use a condom and water based lube.