My Thai wife wants tan skin too much !!

My wife and I live in Pattaya together.
And the problem is the color of my wife’s skin is quite white. She always said that she did not like it. Unlike most Thai women who want to have white skin. She started saying most of Farangs like women with tan color.


She always said women with tan skin are very beautiful. I tried to tell her that what she understood was wrong, „everyone is beautiful in their own way“ . She started having problems after we got married for 1 year. She kept talking about this problem repeatedly. Seemed she forgot how well i take care of her and love her very much. One day, a tan woman walked past by us I did not look at all but she immediately got angry on me.


I would rather not accept her actions. And it did not happen once
but it’s many times.
I do not know how to solve this boring problem. What should I do for my wife to love herself? Or should I find a new wife?

Please suggest or encourage me !!!!!!

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