My First Time in Pattaya – Is 5000 Baht to much?!

My First Time in Pattaya – Is 5000 Baht to much?!

Hello everyone, my name is Dirk, i came from Sweden. Here is my first time in Thailand, straight into Pattaya. I came here for relaxing at the Beach and making party. And absolutely sure is meeting girls. This was happend in my second nights,I was going to the Walking Street in some Discos.



Somehow i stayed at marine bar disco, around at 3.30 am i’ve met the Beautiful lady, Kung. We danced and had a lot of fun together.


After that, she asked me to come with me to hotel. I siad yes for sure because she looked really good, brown skin, beautiful eyes and . Stunner body!.



At Room we had good times and a lot of fun together. Next morning she told me, that she wanted 5.000 Baht of me. I asked her why? She said, „hey you in pattaya baby boy. Don’t know know whats up here? “ . Acutally i already knew that but I was not thinking that every girl will be the same kind. you know what i mean? . So I paid her 5.000 Baht and she told me that she can comes next days again if i want. She left her number , asked me for 80 Baht for a Motorbiketaxi, gave me a kiss and go.

So, that was my second night in Pattaya, and she was so Amazing lady. I think i will call to her again. But i just want to know, 5.000 is the normal price here? But for one Night, it is good i think. Please comment below i know the line how much and so on.

Thank you all, greets of pattaya,