I truly love 2 Thai Girls can’t choice one (Pattaya Lovestory) Part 1

My name is Austin, 35 years old from Denmark. I have a problem with myself I’m in love with 2 thai girls in the same time. Let me talk about myself i came to Thailand first time at 2014, i met a very lovely girl she worked at some bar in walking street. She is 25 years old. She is so beautiful. I took her from bar ask her for stop working there and i will support her as much as i can. I send her monthly 12,000 THB. She said is enough to live in isan. I went to visit her family, we have a very seriously relationship. We have planed for marry, move her to live with me. We were so happy together. And she is a very honestly one that i had ever met. I’m so a lucky man.


After that 1 year in 2015 i came to Thailand but i planed to straight to Pattaya. I want to relax myself with some friend hang out. I know that was not a good idea. I deal with Khung, ( my gf name) can she come 2 days later she said ok she trusted me. But throw back to the night i was hang out with friend. I have met a very very beautiful girl. She worked in small bar around 2nd road. I was not really drunk, i talked to her, we talked alot , i gave her a drink. She asked me if i have a girlfrind i honestly siad Yes but he is in Isan “ I said “ She laughed and ask where she lives, she is from Isan too.


She not try to attempt me at all. She talked like a normal friend that was driving me more crazy. She told me many thing , be careful girls like this like that. She is very kindness to me. I know myself that I’m interesting her. I have decided myself to ask her for bar-fine. She laughed and ok, we went out of bar, took some drinks some where and back to hotel. Well in my head think in severl things. What will happen next if we have sex and my gf know. Because i do really love my gf but i want this girl so much.