Hotel in Pattaya

Are you a last minute of the hotel bookers or one who plans out trips months in Pattaya? Here are hotel informations for you to know.

– What are the different types of hotel categories available?

• How do you know the hotel is up to standard or not ?

• Where exactly is the hotel located?

• How to get the best deals booking a hotel?

In Pattaya you can find a lot of Hotels, Guesthouse or Resorts. It is starting with a low budget.



The low budget is starting from 400 THB. It is depend on what you demand, maybe you want to swim at the swiming-pool or you are just only want relax on the bed.

Which a room that full of serivces or a room is only just can take a shower? All is up to you, you can choose are where you really like. You also can find more information on the Internet when you arrived in Pattaya. For everyone there is a place to sleep how you
like it.