Are you are looking for flights to Thailand?

IG-Infra-O-SuvarnabhumiAirport_012-640x389First of all you purchase a flight, there are a few of things that you have to check before you continue with your booking. The second, if you are planning to visit Pattaya once you arrive in Thailand, Please to be sure that the the plane will be landing in Suvarnabhumi in Bangkok. Most of International flights to Thailand do land there.

However on opportunity you will find that some flight will be landing at Don Muang Airport ( the 1th airport ). But it doesn’t happen much as this airport, because now is mainly used for domestic flights. The third, you need to check the convey times to going ahead Pattaya from each airports. Especially from the
th1 Don Muang airport a taxi ride to Pattaya taken times about 2 ½ hours sometimes longer and the cost would be more 200-300 TBH approximately.

And on the way from Suvarnabhumi Airport taken times to Pattaya about 1 ½ hours only and the cost would not be more 1,000-1,200 THB.( By the way two types of convey are depend on you; which car, how many people, etc…) For making sure, you should make a good contact with the taxi services.IMG_3305 The last, don’t you forget the places for concern when your booking flight to Thailand How many hours for stop off?.Be realize when deciding to book a flight with a lengthy stop off. Its acutlly depending on which country you are traveling from most flights to Thailand are already long enough. Without having to sit around in another airport for several hours for waiting to get back on to another flight. While you also knowing that when you do finally arrived in Thailand, then you have another journey onto your final destination.

You should not miss visiting Thailand however by the amount of time involved in travelling to this wonderful country. We can guarantee you that once you arrive, you will be glad you made the trip. As all we recommended do not spend more time here than you need too in getting there.