Don’t judge a Bargirl by Eyes (Pattaya Lovestory)

Don’t judge a Bargirl by Eyes

My name is Fah, 30 years old. I live in Pattaya, work at some bar around Naklue but I’m from Maha- Sarahkham. In 2012 i was in love with a swedish man, he is about 37 at the moment, he is so cute and sweet. He came to see me 2 times a year. He sent money every month to me about 5000 THB for helping me to pay apartment. That’s all I’m happy even he not give i will be ok all because I did love him. He asked me to stop work at bar and find a new job but he couldn’t support me just for apartment. I siad ok then i went to work at some restaurant in south pattaya.

Holiday in 2014 he lived in Thailand 3 months So i have planed myself i must get pregnant for keeping this love like a last forever i know i am a stupid. Afrer trying so hard i get pregnant. When he heard about it he is just fine, not so excited and said his friend was warning him before, to be careful me. I was crying i thought he will more happy than this. After that he asked me go out to drink because he felt confused or something.

He came back from drink and said he was shocked and not ready for this. He started to tell me all problem he had in life, the truth i was never know anything. He had 2 kids in Sweden and he loved his wife still just confused and want to have fun. Unplaned to have a family in Thailand. He said , and asked me like can we stop ? He will send money to me 15,000 for living. He made a deal with me.



But i was crying all time, i said i love him so much i don’t want any money i just wanted him with me. He gave me a hug and said impossible he had family and he loved them alot. I won’t hurt his family, i didn’t know this. If i know i wouldn’t continued this relationship. And 2 days after he knew im pregnant he changed flight to fly back more early. He left money for me about 60,000 THB all he had right now. And he will send to me again. And will come back to visit me as soon as possible. He promised he will come to see our kid. And siad he love me so much too.