Disco in Pattaya
In Pattaya, there are a lot of Disco Clubs for supporting the tourists and a variety of styles. When you steLucifer Pattaya p in to walking Street, you will see a lot of label’s dis
co and hear many sounds ringing out from the inside of club. You will get a feeling like the crazy of the night is coming!

In each of the disco are not identical to them all. Because some disco have only Dj for entertaining by opening the music. Some disco have a stage for the band with live music, such as the hip hop, rock bands, Isan Music (Thai Music Traditional Band). Also, the live show will have the time in each round as well.

About the charge before get in the club, they will not charge anything till you come over the club and order the drink.
And the drink in the disco, it is more expensive than every bar we had to sit of course.

But in the disco usually have some drinks are not expensive; it is like the promotion of the disco. Therefore, you should observe the price tag. Or asking their employees before you order.

The most of Disco’s are in the famous Walking Street in South Pattaya. You also find there a lot of Girls (Freelancer) who want to contact Men.