How to go from Bankok to Pattaya


How to go to Pattaya from Bankok ? The easitest way are Taixi or Private car. And, how long does it takes to Pattaya? It takes time about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Pattaya is 147 km from Bangkok and It will be convenient , if can be reached with the Taxi or private car.



In front of the Airport, there are many Taxi Drivers. But the most of the hotels in Pattaya have a Taxi service, which take you straight to your hotel.

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Rin Taxi

If you wanna book a Taxi, just send an E-Mail or call them, very easy.

Contact :
+6687 8080374
(+66)082 7020374

They only need your Arrive Time, Name and Fly Number.

The driver wait at Gait no.4 at Second Floor with a Sign with your Name in his Hands.


There is a direct bus service from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Pattaya City. Daily from 06.30 am. to 07.00 pm. More information at Suvarnabhumi Airport Tel:02-134-4099, 02-132-9171