Beer Bar


Bar Beer

Beer Bar – Pattaya is known for a very large beer bar.

The beer bars are available in two types. (Open’s Bar and Close’s Bar)
Its open bar for an open beer bar will be visible within the store.Where can we find throughout the city. But the located are actually a lot, in soi 7 , soi 8 and Walking Street.



Bar Pattaya








Also there are a lot of beer bars around, Second Road, Beach Road, Soi Bua Khao. For beer bar closure; can be find them all over the city as well.

But the located is having a little bit more, Soi Yod Luck and some of Soi Post Office.Most of bar girls will come around 05.00 p.m. to 06.00 p.m. and started humming.

Usually, some bars will close at 1 a.m or later. It’s depend on how many customer are there. In some bar turn on the music is too loud, seem like they compete, and for the cost of a small bottle beer will cost your money is about 50-70 THB in most this type of bars.




Beer Bars are good Places to meet Girls or new People. Many Bars have rooms upstairs which can be rented for Short or Longtime. Also you can play in the most of Bars Pool, or other Games with the Girls. But be careful, the Girls play everyday and most of them are very good ;).


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