The Beaches

Pattaya Beach

The beach is very popular, not from a section of the curve and the length of the beach. Because of the fact that it is includes a full water activities. Pattaya BeachAlso, there are a lot of shopping malls and shops nearby restaurants and hotels next to the beach. It cans meet the demand of the tourists very well in every way.

Today, the city’s water clean-up rather than before. Because the past 2 or 3 years ago, the city’s goal is to make the beach is cleaner. For making more attract to tourists after the cleaning process. Then, activities and water sports began to be more like Banana boat, Jet Skiing and Windsurfing, etc. And most exactly, the beach must have trampoline and shade for serving to the tourists.

The attractions around Pattaya beach is also another thing that makes Pattaya more interesting. The tourists can enjoy the sea. And go do something else in the same day. The Ripley’s Believe it or not, is a place where you can amaze with strange things. The whole family can go together with that Ripley is in Royal Garden Plaza (Royal Garden Plaza is next to the beach).



Jomtien Beach

jomtienThe beach is located south of Pattaya Beach. The length is 6 km of the beach was separated from another part of Pattaya City. When driving pass over the Pratamnak Hill, 5-10 minutes baht bus/motorbike/private car from the intersection of South Pattaya Road and the second beach road.

Jomtien Beach is the favorite place to play water’s sports. Because it is cleaner, quieter, has a better separation from the Beach Road, has nicer trees and in many places is less crowded than Pattaya Beach.

Moreover, the police stations where the Jomtien Beach Road intersects Thepprasit and Chaiyapruk roads. It is generally nicer and better than Pattaya Beach.

Dong Tan Beach

The beach is another option for travelers who do not like a lot of people. It is not far from the HTMS Chaki king much. The beach making it suitable for relaxing place. And even people who comes to this beach is not much. But the beach have a resturant and bathrooms available. So do not worry, it will be easy.

Although it is more wide and has more trees than Jomtien Beach.Traffic is not allowed along most of the beach, and this helps create a very nice atmosphere. Jet skiis and water sports are present, although they are also blocked from large areas of the beach by chains of hideous florescent buoys.

Dong Tan Beach is different from another beaches. Some of area in that it is a gay beach which one can see many male-female couples enjoying themselves. A large army of male masseuses serves male and female customers alike.


Na Jomtien Beach

The located is in the south 4 kilometers from Pattaya City. The beach length is 6 kilometers. The road is refreshing all along the beach. Clean water and the quality are also good. jomtien-beach-map

It is also popular beach for tourists go swimming. And there are varieties of water sports, especially windsurfing. Most of the activity is density at Beachhead. But atmosphere is still relatively quiet. It suits for those who looking to escape the unhappiness, need time and place for relaxing.

Also the beach has shops and restaurants. There are many Thai-style seafood restaurants and karaoke bars on the other side of the beach road. It seems that this beach enjoys quite a nice nightlife.

This type of beach is not for everyone but it is quiet as vehicles can only enter the beach road at both ends of the beach. And, there are no chains of protective buoys to ruin a nice view of the ocean.