Agogo Bar

Agogo bars will not charge when you sit over inside the club, but surely the drinks are not the same cheap as the beer bars. And be aware of the club with entrance fees. Most likely Agogo would be to create a similar style.Agogo Girls

The middle of the bar it will provide a platform for sexy girl’s dancers. Around the stage might be a place to sit and drink. There is surrounded stage have some seats with small tables. Mostly the walls are embellished with mirrors. For the girls to look at themselves while dancing. Some of the Agogo bars have more a very sexy shows. Agogo bars are normally used the special lights and several sounds.

The dancing’s girls on the stage will wear the number, if you like one of them, tell the Mama-Zang (the header) which the number you like that much. Then she will lead the girl that you choose to your seat. The barfine in a Go-Go club is 500 to 1000 Baht. Add another 1000 to 3000 Baht for the girl.



In Pattaya you find a lot of Agogo’s at the famous Walking Street in South Pattaya or at the LK Metro. Some other Agogo’s you find in some other smaller Streets.

Agogo Girls
















Here is a list of some famous Agogos in Pattaya