Pattaya City is the one special district of Chonburi province. It is located on east coast of Thailand, about 140 kilometers southeast of Bangkok. The city is full of beautifiul beaches and Islands which very international fame. It is divided into 3 parts, North Pattaya, Center Pattaya (Or Pattaya Klang), South Pattaya.

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  • North Pattaya:

In the past, North Pattaya was a community and industry. The main occupation was salt pan and fishery which made the old condition is still stay. The building was an old-fashioned, and easy life belong the Naklue-Pattaya road still.


  • Center Pattaya:

There are a lot of hotels which small, medium and big size. But easily to find Bar-Beer, Clothes Store, and several Agogo bars. The police station and the immigration office are across the beach. Next, there are shopping mall such as Royal Garden, Mike Shopping Mall, and Centre Festival Pattaya Beach.


  • South Pattaya:

The located of South Pattaya is a curved from beach road (Pattaya Klang). The area was called “Walking Street”. It is a pedestal has a lot of small shops. There are clothes shops, sport shops, accessories shops and souvenir shops. Moreover, there are full of bars.

Nowadays, Thai government has a big plan to introduce “Pattaya” to UNESCO. For building Pattaya to be “The city of movie” because there is a city of traveling and to take movies, 300 stories per 1 year.Pattaya map

Also, the economy 90% is based on tourism and the large serving expatriate comunity which lives there. It is most famous for wild activities and crazy nightlife. Moreover, the fun activities can be found everywhere.

In recent year, Pattaya had speedy growth, and nowadays is being continously civilized developed by apartment and condominium builders.