9 characteristics of Thai people in Farangs eyes

9 characteristics of Thai people in Farangs eyes.

And we start with Number One

1. Thai people can eat all the time.

2. Thai people do not use knife cut food. ( Mostly they use spoon and fork.)

3. Thai restaurant employees hope that we will order food immediately at the table.

4. Thai people say Krab or Ka ends sentences even in English ( Thank you ka , Good Moring Krab ) Because they think it sounds polite.

5. Thai people respect the royal family.

6. Thai people love the homeland.

7. Thai people are quite narcissistic. ( Because They can take selfies at any time and place. Even when doing religious rituals in temples, they were taken. )

8. Thai people always smile.

9. Thai people are crazy about white skin. (They will use the mobile phone application to light up the skin.)


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