10 Things most of Thai Woman think to Farangs

10 Things most of Thai Woman think to Farangs.

1. They think every farangs are rich and can support them as much as they want. Because most of them don’t know how farangs country look like , how hard to catch money and keep so !!

2. They think every farang are very good at sexual. ( some do some not ) most of them believe that because saw a lot of videos.

3. They think every farang came from the same place, wherever you come from , they thought will only be you are farangs, big nose , white and blond , eyes color etc,.,

4. They think every farangs must pay everything as they ask for , if sometime we don’t want to pay , suddenly we will be a bad one for theirs eyes, and talk behide with their friends.

5. They think every farangs like woman with tan skin only.

6. They always think when farangs make a party , girls surrounded, we will run out of control, do alot of crazy things all the time as a movie “ Hangover or American pie “

7. They think every farangs country are like New York , in downtown , crowded, fashion street.

8. They think unbelievable!! how every farangs can clean ass by tissue after make a poo instead water.

9. They think how farangs get full by breads when have food. Because it is just a snack for them.

10. They think young farangs are poor and old farangs are rich ( this is not truth 100% can’t judge this by age ).

All as you’ve read do not meant every Thai woman will think the same. Hope you understand them more and don’t blame what they think because we come from another country, different places, different cultures. The things everyone must know everyone are different , got a bad one , good one are everywhere. So learn each others before judging.