Pattaya City is the one special district of Chonburi province. It is located on east coast of Thailand, about 140 kilometers southeast of Bangkok. The city is full of beautifiul beaches and Islands which very international fame. It is divided into 3 parts, North Pattaya, Center Pattaya (Or Pattaya Klang), South Pattaya.

In Addition Information;




  • North Pattaya:

In the past, North Pattaya was a community and industry. The main occupation was salt pan and fishery which made the old condition is still stay. The building was an old-fashioned, and easy life belong the Naklue-Pattaya road still.


  • Center Pattaya:

There are a lot of hotels which small, medium and big size. But easily to find Bar-Beer, Clothes Store, and several Agogo bars. The police station and the immigration office are across the beach. Next, there are shopping mall such as Royal Garden, Mike Shopping Mall, and Centre Festival Pattaya Beach.


  • South Pattaya:

The located of South Pattaya is a curved from beach road (Pattaya Klang). The area was called “Walking Street”. It is a pedestal has a lot of small shops. There are clothes shops, sport shops, accessories shops and souvenir shops. Moreover, there are full of bars.

Nowadays, Thai government has a big plan to introduce “Pattaya” to UNESCO. For building Pattaya to be “The city of movie” because there is a city of traveling and to take movies, 300 stories per 1 year.Pattaya map

Also, the economy 90% is based on tourism and the large serving expatriate comunity which lives there. It is most famous for wild activities and crazy nightlife. Moreover, the fun activities can be found everywhere.

In recent year, Pattaya had speedy growth, and nowadays is being continously civilized developed by apartment and condominium builders.

How to go from Bankok to Pattaya


How to go to Pattaya from Bankok ? The easitest way are Taixi or Private car. And, how long does it takes to Pattaya? It takes time about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Pattaya is 147 km from Bangkok and It will be convenient , if can be reached with the Taxi or private car.



In front of the Airport, there are many Taxi Drivers. But the most of the hotels in Pattaya have a Taxi service, which take you straight to your hotel.

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Rin Taxi

If you wanna book a Taxi, just send an E-Mail or call them, very easy.

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They only need your Arrive Time, Name and Fly Number.

The driver wait at Gait no.4 at Second Floor with a Sign with your Name in his Hands.


There is a direct bus service from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Pattaya City. Daily from 06.30 am. to 07.00 pm. More information at Suvarnabhumi Airport Tel:02-134-4099, 02-132-9171



Weather and The Best Times to Visit Pattaya

When is the best time to visit Pattaya Beach? Well, it depends on when you want. Whenever, It is also can be a good time to visit. Times are often closely related to the weather. Here the below are some table factors to consider.


Winter Season: November-February

Temperature: The temperature is about 20-30 degrees Celsius, the sky is usually a clear, deep blue.

Status: Totally temperature is good. It suits for relaxing, I recommended to travelers come to visit Pattaya during this period. It’s pretty amazing time.

Beware/Addition:Pattaya Beach

  • Beaches are very crowded
  • The Prices are higher
  • So many tourists visit at this time, many Thais come to the area to serve or take advantage of the tourists
  • For one who wants to enjoy quiet and relatively inexpensive times at the beach, this is not the best time to visit


Rainy Season: June-October2604119_f520

Temperature:The temperature is about 25-35 degrees Celsius. 90% raining almost on the late afternoon.

Status: It is summer time in Europe so many foreigners are less inclined to travel to places like Thailand, helping make the beaches less crowded.


  • Hotels and guest houses are usually reduce their prices
  • It is a good time to visit for who those trying to save money

Summer Season: February-May

Temperature: The temperature is about 30-40 degrees Celsius.



Status: On March, April and May are hottest months of the year in Pattaya. The beaches totally is nice at this time, and the water feels great. It`s raining a little bit, but is usually no problem.

The beach is usually not as quiet as it is during the rainy season as visitors are still coming from Europe to escape cool weather.


  • During this time have a big festival is called “Song Kran Festival” from 13-15 April and more days like 17-18 April depend on each year.(**special only in Pattaya City)
  • Prices are usually reduced