Pattaya – Surrounded by Arabs, Russians, Indians and Chinese People

Hello Pattaya People. I am Charles from Belgium, i live in Thailand (Pattaya) now since the Year 2000! The first Years the most of People i saw in Pattaya was Thai and Farang People. Not see the big Busses with Chinese People, or one hundret Russian Restaurants at the Beach Road and Second Road.

The Arabs build them „own“ Areas very fast too, after 2-3 Years some Streets got only Arab People living. Indians invesion the Walking Street. Always in Groups about 3-8 People or like that… I don’t care that, i got no problem with all these People. But i asked myself… Where will Pattaya be in 10 Years? How it will look like? Did Tourists from Europe still come? You do you Guys think?

Thanks, Charles!!!


Redlight in Pattaya soon History?

Redlight in Pattaya soon History? A lot of news the last weeks. Firstly, the news about the soi 6 – open at 6 PM.! new rules?? Second, there are a lot of police controls around the walking street and other Soi. And The Walking Street must be closed at 3 AM, Tourists and Business People worried about the future in Pattaya City. Well, let’s see what will happened in the next few weeks and months.



3 Beaches at Koh Larn (Pattaya) you must visit !!!!

3 beaches at Koh-Larn (Pattaya) Must Visit !!!!

From my experience I recommend this three beaches to everyone to visit. I guarantee that you are not disappointed.

1. Ta Yai Beach : This beach is not big, not a lot of people, and I think it’s the nicest beach. Very beautiful and suitable for relaxation.

2. Nuan Beach : The size of the beach is not large nor small. The sand may not be very beautiful. But it is worth to rest.

3. SaMea Beach : The beach is beautiful, but more people are coming. But still beautiful there are water activities to do. Who likes fun should choose this beach.